5 Things That Surprised Me About My Recent Miami Trip

My first trip to Miami, in decades, allowed for me to be the Tourist, for sure!  Here are 5 things that I noticed right away.

1.There was no daily maid service, so you had to ask at the front desk to schedule that service.  It was posted on the hotel’s website, because of the current post-pandemic that we are still experiencing. Interesting…..

2.  Although Miami, is and has been an international mecca for immigrants and travelers, I was surprised to hear that hotel staff, restaurant, shop workers, etc, spoke Spanish, most of the time.  And, most of the signs, we saw in public places,  offered English and Spanish.  Of course, there were quite a lot of the island accents, and dialects, however, our hotel lobby, tv, always showed Spanish channels, and the sports games were always soccer.

3.  Never saw taxis.

4. Cost of souvenirs were very affordable and lots of sales going on.  (the cost of eating, drinking, taxis, etc were however a different story. Comparing to Dallas,  at least 50% more, and 75% more than Mexico.  (That will be another story to tell).

5. There is a 4 mile Boardwalk that sits between the beach and the hotel zone, which is on Collins Ave, in the North Miami Beach area.  All day and into the night, you will find all kinds of exercisers, walking the dogs, paths to the beach and to the hotels, and Collins Ave,  Miami is such an outdoor city, and you see how it allows for anyone, any age, any exercise level, to get outside, for the fresh air, and the exercise!

Have you been to Miami?  Love to hear your thoughts!

To Your Health!  The Lady Entrepreneur, Sharon


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