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Welcome to My First Blog Post!

Welcome to my very first blog, and my first post!!!It has been on my mind for several months, to start, and I knew I wanted it to be about and for Women, with the focus on Networking for Business and Women’s Health. I have been a networker, truly since high school. 

Whether I was promoting for a current traditional job, a side gig, a charity, any club, I knew that making and developing solid, long lasting relationships was important, and we truly need that, as humans.

Empowering Women Exchange began about 7 years ago, where we met once a month, but lasted 2 years, and then I created a FB group, something that kept me going with this concept, that encouragement is what we all need, especially now.

The signs were all there, and I began,  Ha!  And the whole time, all I thought about was launching.  However, I know, like any project, there is planning and a learning curve involved

.Just like if you were a beginner networker, you will always have a marketing plan in mind, when you network for your business, right?

I am a single, 66 year old, free spirited, woman, living in Texas, who loves to travel to the beach, particularly the Caribbean, who loves yoga, and who always loves to be learning, for the business, and for my own personal growth.  It took me a while, but I learned that personal development for business and my personal life is an ongoing journey.

As a matter of fact, I’m in the midst of launching this blog, my company’s new wellness product, and a new business resource, that I will be sharing soon.

This is what happens when you plant seeds for a period of time, and the forest comes up real thick!  

This next chapter in my life is certain to be exciting, and I hope you find my posts encouraging and learn from them.

To Your Health!  The Lady Entrepreneur. Sharon



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