Networking 101, Preparation is Your 1st Key Strategy

Just like every aspect for your business, you must have a plan.  Planning a networking strategy is just as important, and before you get on several zooms or show up at group meetings, or even schedule a 1n1 with a potential referral partner, your first strategy better be Preparation.

Your first impression is so important!

“Once you understand how the world sees you, you will attract people because of your confidence and understanding.”

  1. Starting with your introduction, your pitch, your message, is so important!  What are you going to say? Who and How you help must be stated in a few short sentences, and you better have it memorized and stated with confidence, so that your listener will be so curious, that they will want to hear more!
  2. Even before you start talking to people, you should know why you are networking, right?  Is your business growing, so you are hiring the next perfect candidate?  Are you looking for customers, business partners, or people to invest in you and your business?  Once you know who you want to network with, it will guide you to the right groups and organizations off and online, to get started.
  3. Which brings me to where and when will you network?  Make sure you focus on the days and times that fit your business, as well as personal schedules.  You want to always manage your time effectively.   It happens to all of us, who actively get in front of prospects and referral partners, that we neglect the follow up because we get real busy with networking and running our businesses.

So, whether you are new or a seasoned networker, preparation is key, and the smart thing to do!

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