It Takes a Village

You have heard the phrase, “it takes a village” right?  No matter if you are building on your tribe of 1 or have a huge group of like minded ladies already working alongside each other, never forget that we are all in this together.  I am so motivated and encouraged with all the ladies that I have met, in just the last few weeks, who are all so happy that the “pause” is just about behind us, and we are ready to move forward.

Starting a new job?  Are you a business owner that is hiring? Are you ready to become your own ladypreneur, and start your first or 30th plan B?  Where ever your dream is taking you, Empowering Women Exchange wants to know about it.

Share in comments, what you are working on, I would love to hear about it!

A toast to you and your ambitions, and to your health!  Sharon




  1. LOVE this post and sharing right now to LinkedIn! Let’s encourage one another and live our best lives x You’re inspiring many, Sharon xx

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