Time to Go, For Now

You know, I’m planning my next trips! Hopefully back to Playa in August.

For 2022, I’ll visit Playa for a July and August. Yep, 🙏 2 months.

Sargassum was real bad this May, up and down the Quintana Roo coast. That’s why you all don’t see pictures of the beaches. Never got to hang out at the beach, any of my 25 days here. I can’t believe it!
So glad, my hotel has a pool. Of course, that was part of the plan. It’s 🥵

I’m very blessed to be here and still working on my Expat-Digital Nomad plan. 😎🍹🩴

I was able to work from my hotel, the pool, coffee shops, and take vacation breaks too.  🤳🕶

I’ve met so many new locals, and will stay in touch, for sure!

It’s back to the mainland for me, tomorrow, however, my motivation and inspiration from “pretending” to live here these past few weeks has empowered me to keep on dreaming my dream!

Don’t ever give up on your dreams! 🌟🌟🌟

To your health! Sharon


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