Finally, I am Loosing Weight!

It’s time to consider an alternative to not only weight management that will work, for but for your healthy future.
Did you know that Fat gain after 50, is a side effect of declining human growth hormone, declining muscle mass, declining hormones, declining stem cells and less effective cellular functioning due to damaged telomeres, mitochondria and inflammation. (So much fun!)
Because of these changes, the “calories in / calories out, exercise harder” doesn’t work like it did in our 20s. (See below)
In November, Lifewave introduced its newest patch, X49.
It’s a stem cell activator like X39, but focuses on reversing muscle loss and fat storage.
It stimulates the copper peptide AHK, which declines as we age. 
This peptide improves cellular energy, builds muscle and increases physical performance.
So, here is an example of my friend who is testing the product, and started with purchasing a 30 patch sleeve in November:
“I used the patch in tandem with the X39 patch.
(PS – Lifewave will officially launch X49 in late January.)
Boy was I shocked at the effects X49 caused in 30 days! Really, shocked!
  • Testing Period: Nov. 17 to Dec. 19, 2021
  • Inches Lost: 9.75
  • % Fat Lost: 3.3%
  • Weight Loss: 3# (no loss of muscle)
Those who know me know that I have struggled with fat storage for the past 30 years – no matter the eating, exercise, hormones or diet (Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb).
For me to lose 3.3% body fat is like the odds of me winning the Lottery, the Presidency and the Bachelor combined! I was shocked!
And, the fat loss caused a loss of 10 inches overall. (Sweet!)
Which means inflammation went down.
With no muscle loss – which is what most people lose versus fat, on a diet.
I’d say that the X49 patch met its match and it won!
(Remember, fat storage often accompanies cellular inflammation, so a reduction of both may have more healthy side effects.)
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To your Health, Sharon

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