67 is the New 47!

Hello, I’ve got news.

Since starting on my company’s wearable technology September 2021,
I have experienced so many positive changes that are benefiting my health, for today, and for my future self.

🗣My energy level is off the charts, no more midday slump, and no more feeling so tired at 8pm, that I am forced to be done. I have more hours in my day, if I want, you know?
😴And because I am getting a more restful sleep, I wake up refreshed, and ready to take on the day.
👀There is a calmness that seems to follow me, which is helping me to handle any stress that comes my way.

Now the most amazing! 💃💃💃
I have lost 5lbs, but since I added a 2nd one December 2021, I have lost 12lbs, keeping steady, AND now I can wear the next size down in Jeans. That is the real test right?
Plus, I do feel that I am gaining more stamina and strength. I feel taller, more balanced, like I am really taking care of my health now.

There are 2 others that I am using regularly for my knees because of the new yoga class I am taking and it helps with the soreness!

And finally, I can tell that my face and neck are looking better, and I can’t wait to be 6-12 months into the skin system, and I do have before pictures. It feels real good when someone learns my age and says, “ no way”☺️

67 is the new 47!!!!

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