*Glutathione is the master Anti-Oxidant that kicks butt to keep our Immune system in tip-top shape (…which is kinda important right now)

*Glutathione is critical for the mitochondria in our cells to turn food into Energy
(…this process slows as we age)
*Glutathione is the master detoxifier for heavy metals, pollution and toxic chemicals (ah…that glyphosate (RoundUp) that was sprayed on the wheat we eat)
*Glutathione reduces blood sugar (…yeah!)
And get this!
*Glutathione, when combined with Vitamin C, collagen (from protein) and the X39 Stem Cell patch, is clinically proven to regrow cartilage in the joints!!!

But everyday Glutathione is reduced by aging, lack of enough protein, stress, viral infections and radiation (think 35,000 feet in airplanes).

GOOD NEWS! Lifewave’s Glutathione patch is proven to increase Glutathione in your body by 300% within 24 hours! (…that’s kicking butt!)

Isn’t that something you would want for your health?
Ask me to send you a sample and link to watch a quick video. It’s amazing how powerful your body can heal, without injections, pills, or drugs.

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