Checking In

Hello! Checking in.
What’s been going on with you all?

I didn’t mean to neglect my fellow Empowering Women.

I’ve just been busy with stuff! 😌

Since March 27, I’ve been in Mexico, practicing my digital nomad skills, as well as working on my tan, and making new friends. 🏖🌎💃

Shortly after I return, July 21, I will be moving back to Allen,  after almost 5 years in Sherman.

Then in late August, I’ll be attending my wellness company’s global conference, and then, my Medicare high season kicks in for the rest of the year!

Wow, talk about busy. However, I’m so excited to be experiencing it all, and I will have so much to share in the upcoming months.

Here’s some of travel pics, thought you might like to see.

Hope you all are doing well!!! Talk soon.

To your Health! Sharon

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