A few years back, I had a double waamy hit me! I suddenly realized that my failing health was caused by stress, attributed by not only my body sending me signals, but also because of my current career situation. I was suffering from massive depilating headaches, dehydration, gaining weight, and awful fatigue.

I can’t tell you how many times I drove a 30 minute commute, one way to a job, with a migraine, that made me dizzy and nauseated, because I was afraid of losing that job and that income. My boss didn’t care or want to understand the stress I was under. You know, on one of those occasions, I drove myself to the ER, because I was scared, and finally, I had had enough.

Well, one day, a friend, knowing that I was suffering, asked if I would be open to trying a new product that she found very effective, and I said YES! WOW, Headaches are gone. I have more energy than I could have ever imagined, sleeping so restful, and I feel such a peaceful sense of being able to control any stress that comes my way. I know my anxiety level has dropped tremendously.

Once I felt my old self again, I knew I had one more thing to attend to, and that was getting my plan B started, so that soon, I would be in control of my destiny and income. And because I had always been a big believer in business networking, whether for my JOB, or for any business that I was involved with, I put together a plan to re-invent myself, and dive into networking with groups and the people close to me.

It made sense to share this company, LifeWave, https://lifewave.com/sharonphillips with my family and friends, and when they began to find relief too, I got started with my own home based business. Then I discovered that the company had introduced a pet formula, several years prior, and BINGO, I thought I am able to help our animals with the same activation derived from the people pill!

Fast forward, I am now, on my way to supporting my hopes and dreams of traveling, with the best health, and with a 2nd income stream, to help support my monthly budget, my retirement, and my dreams.